Religious Zeal And Political Conspiracy


Robert L. Pierce



Foreword 5
Introduction 7
About the Author 8
 1. Some Stand and Some Desert 9
 2. From Indifference to Responsibility 15
 3. Neutralizing the Opposition 17
 4. To the Top of the Mountain and Over the Cliff 22
 5. "There Are (Only) Two Sides to Every Question" 25
 6. Born in Scotland, Reared in England 30
 7. Nurtured to Maturity in America 35
 8. Grown Fat, Prosperous, and Influential 45
 9. The Third Side of the Question 54
10. The Nation of Israel 60
11. Pinning the Tail on the Beast 70
12. How Do You Stand? 74
Bibliography 78
Index (not completed) 80
Bibliography of Related Works 85
Order copies of The Rapture Cult 86




American Patriot, Bircher Among Birchers, Major
Coordinator for the John Birch Society for Fifteen Years.

"A Giant has fallen, but let us be confident that from his example other will be inspired to become giants."*


*  From the eulogy spoken at his funeral, Greenwood, South Carolina, February 24, 1976.


This book is addressed not only to Americanists* everywhere, but to all Americans who love their country and who are determined to preserve its blessings for future generations. It is our hope that the book may be helpful not only in arming active Americanists with information heretofore unavailable, but also in awakening those good Americans who are still slumbering.


*  An Americanist is defined as a citizen of any country who works positively and aggressively to promote individual freedom and responsibility, using only those means which are moral, legal, and ethical. His is opposed everywhere by the Collectivist, who works aggressively, using any and all expedient means, to increase the power of a conspiratorial clique of Insiders whose goal is to enslave the world.

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