David Shippers Goes Public

By Thomas A. Burzynski

A pivotal player in the Clinton impeachment proceedings was David Shippers, investigative counsel for the House Judiciary Committee. Shippers was responsible for all investigations under the impeachment inquiry. While he identifies himself as a Democrat, he claims his problems with Republicans in Congress were not that he was being pushed by Republicans but rather that he was being held back.

In a candid interview appearing in Human Events, David Shippers reveals some startling facts regarding the Senate's Republican leadership and the impeachment proceedings. According to Shippers, "We wanted to get into the Cox material, we wanted to go into Chinagate, we wanted to go into Filegate and all that stuff."

What was the response of the Senate's Republican leadership'? According to Shippers, it was: "Get it out of our hair. We do not want to inherit this in the 106th Congress. If you don't get rid of it, you'll never get requalified in the next Congress." One senator, as related by Shippers, went so far as to say "I don't care if you have proof that he raped a woman, stood up and shot her dead, you're not going to get 67 votes." This was said before the Senate had heard any evidence but after each senator took an oath before God to administer equal and impartial justice.

Shippers went on to comment that "I would have pursued the China aspect of it, I would have pursued John Huang and Charlie Trie. I would have gone into Filegate and tried to find out what went on there."

When Shippers was asked in the interview if he believed that the Senate Republicans had tried to rig the impeachment trial he replied frankly: "They didn't try to rig it. They rigged it. It was rigged to make it impossible for us to win. I don't know why they were so anxious to keep the American people from hearing the evidence. I just will never know."

John Birch Society members who are long familiar with the modus operandi of the Conspiracy know all too well "why they were so anxious to keep the American people from hearing the evidence." As Robert Welch noted on more than one occasion, the one thing no conspiracy can withstand is the light of day on its activities. The comments by David Shippers should give all Birchers renewed cause to expose the Chinagate treason and awaken the American people to the fact that swapping Democrats for some Republicans is not the answer.

The ad hoc National Impeach Clinton A.C.T.I.O.N. Committee was formed because The John Birch Society recognized that the Founding Fathers gave our nation one remedy to address wrong-doing by the President — impeachment. And while the Founders realized impeachment is a drastic measure, they wisely provided us with this method of binding down usurpers with the chains of the Constitution.




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