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The New American

The New American
February 15, 1999
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The John Birch Society
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We are often asked . . .
Feb.99 What the John Birch Society believes, and why it believes it. What  does it do...and does it really make a difference anyway? Find out the answers here.

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Who's John Birch?
Worth Reading
Find out more about Captain John Birch.

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The Secret File on John Birch

The file on John Birch  sent to the War Department was stamped Top Secret and placed under lock and key.

The official report received by John's parents read: "There was a clash between Chinese Central Government forces and irregular Chinese troops and your son was struck by a stray bullet ... his death was instantaneous and without pain."

Was this the truth?" 

More on this special report...

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Whatever Happened to KAL 007?

Just before dawn, September 1, 1983, a Soviet SU-15 fired on and hit a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 (KAL Flight 007) that had just flown over Sakhalin Island. The huge airliner, which was far off the route it should have followed on its scheduled flight from Anchorage to Seoul, carried 269 passengers and crew, including 61 Americans. The most widely accepted view of the tragedy is that the airliner was blown out of the skies, after which it plummeted into the Sea of Japan, killing everybody on board.

That KAL 007 was off course and was hit by at least one Soviet missile is undisputed. However, the evidence does not support the view that the airliner was obliterated by the missile attack or that it fell out-of-control into the sea. On the contrary, the evidence suggests that the KAL pilots had control of the airliner for at least 12 minutes after the attack and could have used that time to attempt a landing.

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Three Reasons Why. . .
Feb.99 If you have a deep, personal commitment to preserving freedom for future generations, consider becoming a member of The John Birch Society for these three important reasons

Stick to your guns!

Feb.99 The fight to preserve the right to keep and bear arms must be based on the following basic facts...

We Can Save Our Nation

Feb.99 As we continue to reach out to fellow Americans to create needed understanding and build effective resistance to conspiratorial designs, we must realize that there are many reasons for hope that our efforts will bear good fruit. Here are five of those reasons.
By John F. McManus.

The Price of Losing

Feb.99 What would be the consequences if the world government sought by globalist Insiders came to pass? Terror and oppression without precedent, warns Professor R.J. Rummell of the University of Hawaii.
By William P. Hoar

The Great American Gun Grab

Feb.99 The crux of the gun control strategy for decades has been to use small, incremental encroachments on the Second Amendment. The ultimate goal, of course, is a disarmed and defenseless citizenry. By Robert W. Lee   

Socialism And Christianity
Feb.99 Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable. One is based on the atheistic philosophy found in the Communist Manifesto; the other is based on the deity of Jesus Christ.
By Gary Benoit.

Socializing America
Feb.99 Socialism is a political system "by which the national state allows its subjects or citizens to hold nominal title or property but in fact seeks directly or indirectly to control virtually every economic and social factor for the so-called benefit of 'The People' or 'The Nation.'" Isn't that what we have now?
By William Norman Grigg

Enemies in Academe
Feb.99 Secularization of the American university began with the takeover of Harvard by the Unitarians in 1805. Almost from that point on, American education has been in the hands of humanists, socialists, and Hegelians.
By Samuel L. Blumenfeld.

Environmental Ammo
Feb.99 "Are environmental issues so serious and imminently catastrophic as to require that we give up a significant part of our independence, our liberty?... Must we destroy our nation in order to 'save the planet'?"
By William F. Jasper

Cloning Canadian Health Care
Feb.99 On June 4th, the General Accounting Office released a draft report about Canada's 20-year-old system of nationalized health care, concluding that our own federal government could extend health care to every American (an estimated 31 million of us are said to be presently uninsured), and actually save money, by cloning major elements of the Canadian plan.

Bipartisan Bigotry

Feb.99 History shows that major media exposures of "racism" can be very selective. In the media's eyes, not every Klansman is the same.

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